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In a world where demand for IT talent outstrips supply, and adaptive skills are highly prized, companies need to be bolder and more deliberate in their workforce strategies. As we are increasingly faced with a growing skills shortage and gap, finding the right blend of people, processes and technology is top of mind for technology leaders globally.

Welcome to the New Age of Tech Talent.


organizations globally are having trouble finding skilled tech talent.


of hiring managers say not enough candidates have the correct technical skills, and 27% say candidates lack the right soft skills.


organizations say IT and data skills are the most difficult to find.

Our research reveals that talent leaders need to respond in new ways, by:


Opening up the middle

To tap workforce potential and reskill employees to fill gaps and meet the challenges that lie ahead


Finding the hidden talent

To identify new sources of talent with the best potential


Trusting the data strategy

To use data to get better results from recruitment, retention, and workforce strategy


Leading with confidence

So that talent leaders can adapt to – and win – in a new workplace reality